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VR AR and the law

My father in law got a Sony VR headset and I tried my luck at a horror VR game. That was the worst mistake I've made in some time. Listen, VR is here. It's only Gen1 and already mind blowing. You are literally there. It reminds me of Mario 64 on Nintendo 64, that surreal feeling of running around a world and experiencing in a way you've never thought possible. As VR matures in the next couple years our brains are going be so confused on what's reality. 

It's only inevitable that AR and VR will continue to blur lines with reality, my only question is that what happens when crimes happen in these false realities when perception is reality. A friend of mine attended MWC a couple weeks ago and he was telling me about studies with AR and how human brains couldn't distinguish dead bodies in AR from dead bodies in reality. I know that's morbid to think about, but what happens when a developer puts a hyper realistic dead body somewhere which causes someone to react in a violent or scared way? What happens when something jumps out at you and you hurt yourself or someone else? 

That legal shit isn't what I'm pumped about, just thinking about at this moment.