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Brought this back from the dead...

FYLR was dead and gone but I decided to resurrect it. I let the domain expire several years ago and wanted to put it back online as a place to keep some old memories. Hopefully I'll be back in LR one day and be able to really bring it back.


Empty Message

Disco at Discover

I was at HPE Discover last week. That's my poor excuse at being MIA and no news to report. Too many happy hours and customer meetings to count.


We had some very cool announcements but my favorites are outlined here:

The show was pretty cool to see from a marketers POV. The last two shows I attended, I was on the other side of the table as a salesman. The differences are huge. You've got to be on you A game in both roles but there was something special about seeing things come together behind the curtains.

The Champ Walkers still walking. From left: Me, Will, John, Randle

Las Vegas is painful and you always regret staying up gambling with that last cocktail, but damn it feels good to see old friends.

Guess who's back?

This guy. After weeks of being pissed off at my miner, countless hours building rebuilding and being pissed off, new hardware, etc, I think I've got my shit back together.


I installed an old version of Windows tonight, I think 1607, and turned off all auto updates, installed drivers, synced OneDrive, and Bam, started mining. The rig is running SOOOOO much fatser with all the cards thanks to this old windows kernel.

Here's a handy checklist for myself:

-Download drivers for wifi, mouse, and GPU to USB and also have TeamViewer and Firefox saved
-set virtual memory to something big like 64k
-set windows to login without password
-change Windows update policy
-install all SW and drivers from USB
-Reboot a shit ton
-sync OneDrive and add Claymore to startup list
-reboot more
-go into AMD Radeon and make all 580's set for compute
-reboot more


6 Cards Running

6/10 cards are running. 

I'm pulling in 195 mh/s, down from 300+ before the meltdown. 

Earlier today I flashed the latest bios onto the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+, and reinstalled drivers. 

I don't know WTF happened but the machine takes forever to boot. Once it gets past the bios splash screen, claymore boots and she starts mining. The GUI in Windows is now very sluggish too. 

If I add more than 6 GPU, the rig won't boot. 

Still scratching my head.