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Seeking light passage from the abundance book

"Know that I am with you always. I am all you seek, seek therefore me. I am the spirit of the invisible and the visible. I am the substance behind all things. I am the energy of creation. Do as I say do and all will be well. Through meditation gain the consciousness of the plentifulness of spirit substance flowing from the center of your being which I AM. .a constant, bountiful force without end. Embody the infinity of the flow, then release its fullness into the world to prosper all, including yourself. See it as a Light stream connecting you with all souls on Earth. See the Light radiating from you and encircling the globe. The Light stream is now the bridge on which the visible supply will travel to you. After the Light connection is made between you and all the world, see the visible supply returning to you in waves of good. . . rolling, flowing to you from every direction...back to the center that you are, that I AM. Let the waves engulf you.. .then see yourself using the supply in peace, love and joy. The Light Bridge must be continually supported with and by love. Therefore your thoughts, emotions, words and actions must be loving at all times."

Pixel call screening

I experienced the call screening feature on my Pixel XL 2 today. The service will prompt you with a button to screen the call, it transcribes the voice on the other line near real time and prompts you with replies at lightning speed. The call I received WAS spam, and it was a pleasure to use the call screening service. I really can't wait to use call screening on my wife. Good times.