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On email automation

I am thinking through the logistics of an email on-boarding series for new subscribers.

I am cruising around 450 subs on the email newsletter and getting around a 25% open rate. Not too bad. I think part of the issue is getting sent straight to spam folder by our friends at google.

Regardless, I am still thinking of ways to bring value to subs. WORDS has developed quite nicely over the past year and I've rolled several new products on the site.

I think I could bring value to subs by showing them or better yet highlighting different products on the site.

Current On-Boarding Email:

  1. Welcome email - contains a request to mark email as safe and links to different products on the site.

That's it, a single email that contains a couple links and a request to mark as safe. This is better than nothing but I can certainly do more. The question I have is what will be valuable and what will piss people off. They are subscribing for a monthly newsletter, not an on boarding series. Gotta balance value and respect the inbox.

Proposed On-Boarding Email Series:

  1. Welcome email - thank them for the subscription, consider including a video link that thanks them for the sub. Maybe throw them some sats. Ask them to mark as safe and save to contacts.
  2. Journals Email - link to the journals archives. explain the current state of the journals, that there is PDF and ePUB available for 2020 journals.
  3. Posts Email - A call to action to browse journals by tags OR chronologicaly. The tags list is kind of wild because the it's massive. It includes dates, authors, and keywords. The list is massive. Probably a bit intimidating. The chronological list of posts is much simpler but not very intuitive, just a timeline of posts.
  4. Special Journals Email - This would call out the Bitcoin Financial Journal and the anthology series of journals. This is not a huge part of the website (yet) but it will continue to grow over time.

I don't think this is too obtrusive, but I am not a user. If I sent this series weekly over 4 weeks, that doesn't seem too bothersome but you never know, again this isn't what they signed up for.

Always be testing.