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An unplanned rabbit hole

As is life, you never know when you'll find yourself stumbling down a rabbit hole. 

I find myself in constant wonder over the implications of a Bitcoin religion and what a ritual might look like. 

For that reason, I pulled the trigger on a handful of Masonic, Hermetic Magic, and Stoicism books.

I believe these books will help me develop a better understanding of philosophy, ritual, and myself. 

The world's filled with many exclusive organizations and it is 𝗡𝗢𝗧 my intention to develop yet another tentacle of the octopus. 

I believe there are many great lessons, morals, and virtues that can be taught from Bitcoin, and I see the Bitcoin ritual as complimentary belief system that can be practiced in parallel with traditional monotheistic religions. 

I hope to digest these teachings (and many more) and come to a conclusion on where I go with the Bitcoin ritual. It's officially TBD. 

I am not sure where my studies or thought will take me, but I will continue to seek light. 

If you have any desire to see my couple paragraphs on the ritual, check out the GitHub: