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Reaping light

In a perfect world you will end each day with a new understanding. In my experience, this has not been the case, however eureka moments are a blessing, however often they might happen. 

Yesterday I was blessed with not a eureka moment. This moment was delivered via Bitcoin podcast. I didn't expect this but I am thankful for this light. 

The of enlightenment came on the Unhashed Podcast. This pod is hosted by 4 Bitcoiners and a guest. I chose this episode because Ragnar was on the pod and I appreciate his point of view. They were rapping about guns and bitcoin and I believe Mario Gibney dropped a reference to an article that you really must read for yourself. The title of this piece is Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution. Everyone on the pod knew what he was talking about, I was the outcast, alone in my car. Once the pod was over, I was determined to seek out the light. 

To summarize the pod in an elevator pitch: Geeks create, protect, and evangelize. Mops consume. Sociopaths exploit. Yes, that's a very simple definition but simplicity is light. Before I read the article, I was hoping (praying) I wasn't a mop because the guys on the pod were using mops in a somewhat derogatory manner. The good news is that I am safely in the geek camp as a fanatic.

This article opened my eyes to the participants of the Bitcoin subculture. You can read this article in a couple minutes and it will improve your understanding of how everyone in Bitcoin has a place.