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The remnant and Isiah's job

Goldstein dropped a fire recommendation a while back and I wanted to put it out there as a must read. It's called Isiah's Job by Albert J. Nock. It is an essay that is a response to American society.

The essay tells the story of Isiah, and in this piece he mainly asserts that a group of citizenry, called the remnant, are the makers of society. You will never know ALL the remnant, but they are there to keep things in order. They are listening and will find you at the right moment. Their numbers are small but they influence many.

The moral of this story, for me personally, is to continue my journey and curation project with WORDS. The remnant is out there and they will find this project when the time is right.

For my fellow maximalists, continue reading, learning, challenging your own thoughts, question thought leaders, push yourself towards perfection.

This is the way.